A Carefree Florida Beach Experience

        Heading down to the beach is one of the most popular vacation choices for Floridians. Though most of the time it is a pretty safe choice, there are a few things you need to watch out for. Rip currents, jelly fish, sharks, and sunburns are just a few of the painful and potentially life-threatening events you may run into.

        Rip currents account for the vast majority of lifeguard rescues in the ocean. No matter how good of a swimmer you are, rip currents still have the potential to drag you out to sea, but weak swimmers are more at risk. If you are caught in a rip current, the best thing to do is to relax, to tread water, and to wait until you no longer feel the pull of the current. Then, swim back to shore. It is always wise to stay out of the water unless a lifeguard is present. If you see someone get pulled away by a rip current, it is best to call for a lifeguard, do not attempt to rescue the person yourself. However, if there is any question about whether or not to get into the water, staying out of the water is the guarantee you won’t run into this issue.

        only is the water itself potentially dangerous, but the wildlife in it can also be dangerous. If you see a jellyfish, it is best to get away from it. Though not all are venomous, it is hard to tell which ones will sting and which ones won’t. So, it is your safest best to avoid them when you can. If stung, it is best to first remove anything from the wound, not using your bare hands. Next, rinse it with warm salt water, not fresh water, then with vinegar. If you are experiencing an allergic reaction seek medical help immediately.

        Though shark attacks are rare, it is better to be safe than sorry. Most of the people involved in shark attacks are surfers. Some things you can do to avoid sharks are: don’t swim at night, dawn, or dusk; avoid wearing bright colors or shiny jewelry; don’t splash a lot; get out of the water if sharks are spotted. Though sharks are commonly thought of as vicious and out for blood, don’t let their often distorted image keep you out of the water for good.

        A little more sneaky danger is the risk of skin cancer, which is more likely if you often get sunburn. When going to the beach, always put on some sort of coverage, 15 spf or higher. Whether or not you feel like you are getting burnt or you think the clouds with prevent you from getting a sunburn, constantly apply sunscreen. Not only is a sunburn painful at the time, but it also makes skin cancer more likely, which is potentially life-threatening.

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