A New Reason to be Thankful


            It’s hard to believe it but next week is Thanksgiving. In New Jersey and up along the Northeast, I am sure this holiday will be much different than ones of the past. Whether they lost their home, their possessions, or a loved one, they may find it difficult to be thankful. However, many local volunteers have seen the suffering of those north of us and have taken initiative to provide our fellow citizens will help.

            Deliver the Difference has taken the liberty to collect donations from around Central Florida, have packed them up, and drove up to New Jersey. They packed water, sports drinks, diapers, formula, cleaning supplies, and 50,000 meals. When they arrived in New Jersey, many people lined up to receive help. Now that is something to be thankful for!

            Be a blessing this holiday season by giving to someone in need. Whether you donate supplies to Sandy’s victims, give food to local hungry children, or volunteer at a soup kitchen, you will be providing someone with an extra reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving!

            Remember, Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency is a drop-off location for Deliver the Difference! Swing by one of our three offices today to drop off your donations! Also, for every new Facebook “like” we receive, we will be donating $1 to this great organization! So tell your friends!

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