Adding Disaster Insurance to your Commercial Package

Your basic Florida commercial insurance package should have your main insurance needs covered. However, have you considered options for extra coverage for that added level of financial protection? 

Florida lies in the path of many extreme weather events. Come hurricane season, you can almost count on dealing with some major storm activity and the resulting fallout. Damage caused by hurricanes can be severe, from both wind and subsequent floods. None of that is covered by your basic property policy. You need to have hurricane and flood coverage as well. 

It might also be wise to consider business interruption coverage and some income protection insurance. A severe storm could interrupt services and result in significant delays with services required for recovery and access to contractors to do repairs. While your business is unable to function normally, you might have no income, but you may still have financial commitments that need to be met, both business and personal.

Your Florida commercial insurance agent may be your best resource for what is available in the form of the most useful extra policies you can add to your package. Together you can ensure you have what you need in place, ready to cover those unexpected disasters.