Are you harboring a Poisonous House Plant?

Before purchasing those beautiful houseplants to decorate your Florida home, you may want to do some research, as some may be poisonous to pets and to children if ingested. Protecting your home and your family from potential hazards like poisonous plants is important, as is making sure you have the financial protection through your home insurance Orlando.

Some houseplants may be toxic even if ingested in small quantities. It may be a good idea to keep plants with attractive flowers out of the reach of small children, even if they are not poisonous. The colorful flowers may be especially enticing to children who, as many people know, love to place anything and everything in their mouths. One option may be to place flowering plants in a sturdy hanging pot with a strong chain, where they may be enjoyed out of reach of children and pets. 

Some plants may have poisonous sap; therefore it may be a good idea to wash your hands after handling plants. Even if a plant is not poisonous, someone in your family may be allergic to the plant. You may want to watch your family for allergy symptoms after buying a new plant. Protecting your family and guests from physical hazards like poisonous plants is important. 

Did you know that the liability portion of your home insurance Orlando might be of assistance if a visitor to your home was accidentally poisoned? Speak to your insurance agent for more information about liability insurance issues. For information about which plants are poisonous, you might like to visit the Poisonous House Plants website.