Are You Insured Against the Unexpected?

 Your Ocala insurance policy can only help protect you from the financial repercussions of events you are covered for. You would do better to try to plan for all risks rather than only those you think are the most likely to occur. Life has a way of surprising us.

The Star Banner reported on its online site that on January 27, 2012, a woman got the shock of her life when her daughter, Yvonne Wilkerson, set fire to her car. The flames did more than destroy the mother’s vehicle. A second car and a motorcycle, as well as a home were also damaged.

According to the report, Yvonne was seen coming out of her mother’s home on Southwest Third Street and was heard to say that she had set something on fire. Why did Yvonne to commit this act of arson? It seems that she had been arguing with her mother over car payments.

While your children may never act in such a way, the world is full of unknowns and strangers. It is best to prepare for the worst by purchasing comprehensive Ocala insurance for your home and vehicle. Danger and damage can come from the most unexpected events!