Are you prepared?

Planning is always important, especially when it comes to a disaster situation. Stories of survival that emerged from the many hurricanes, floods and tornadoes across the country last year demonstrated that those who had disaster plans in place tended to manager far better in the immediate aftermath than those who didn’t. The long-term ramifications are important too, as it could be some time before a business is fully operational again. As a business owner, while your Florida commercial insurance provides essential financial back-up, it isn’t a magic cure in itself – it is part of what needs to be a broader strategy if you are going to come through a disaster as well as possible.

Make sure you have all your important paperwork, including insurance policies, together in an easily accessible place. You should also have second copies that are stored somewhere off site. Include a list of important contacts so that you can get in touch easily with emergency services, insurance agents and important clients. Devise an evacuation plan and drill your staff regularly so that if you have to use it, they will know what to do and where to be without panicking. Once the initial disaster is over, start on your interim plan. Contact your insurance agent and get the claim process started. Stay in touch with clients so they know what is happening.

You are likely to be one of many claiming on Florida commercial insurance, so be prepared to be patient. A large-scale disaster might mean it takes a little time to process claims. However, the main thing is to ensure that everyone is safe and you are primed to get up and running as soon as possible.