Auto Accident Advice

Because people do not plan on getting into car accidents, many do not know what to do in the midst of such serious situations. Even those who do know what to do may have a difficult time focusing after such a traumatic event, especially one where injuries are involved. The following are the proper steps you should take in the case of an auto accident:

         Call 911

         Exchange Florida auto insurance information

         Keep a copy of the police report

         If you are at fault, call your insurance company directly (the number is located on your insurance card)

         If you are not at fault, call the other person’s insurance company, if not contacted within 24 hours

         After getting a hold of an insurance company, yours  or theirs, your local insurance agency will help you send out the necessary documents

Keep in mind; it is good to keep records of any photos, injuries (medical receipts), and witnesses’ contact information, and it is advised that you go to someone you trust who is on the insurance company’s preferred service list to get an estimate of the damage before an insurance representative arrives to inspect the damage. If you do, you will be more prepared and know what to expect.

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