Be Aware of what is and isn’t Included in your Florida Commercial Insurance

When you set up your business and Florida commercial insurance, you need to be aware that the four basic policies that are common to most businesses will probably not cover you for every risk your business may face. There are situations where the risks are more ‘general’ and could affect anyone else in your community – business and domestic. There are also other factors that may be unique to your business. You need to make an assessment of all the risks and decide on appropriate policies.

For example, common exclusions from policies may include floods, earthquake, hurricanes and terrorism. These could all be considered ‘general’ risks – some of which may be more of an issue in some regions than others. They usually require separate, specific policies (apart standard business policies) in order for you to have coverage.

On the other hand you may be exposed to other, quite distinct risks that occur due to the nature of your business. For instance online traders may have a higher exposure to internet-based crime. Hospitality businesses may carry additional liability risks due to the possibility of food borne illness. Businesses working with children may often be exposed to higher rates of liability claims.

Whatever the nature of your business, you need to look carefully at your areas of exposure. While your Florida commercial insurance portfolio may offer coverage for your buildings and contents, worker’s comp, commercial vehicle and general liability, any risks over and above these may require additional coverage. Contact our office for more information on general and specialized coverage for your enterprise.