Brownwood Paddox Square is Open and Expanding!


The latest addition to the Villages is Brownwood Paddox Square, which opened up this past fall. This square is already occupied by the following businesses: 

Barnstorm Theater
Banner Mercantile
Properties of The Villages
A McLin and Burnsed law office
Citizens First Bank
Citizens First Wholesale Mortgage Company
The Villages Insurance 
Villages Golf Cars 
City Fire American Oven and Bar 

Brownwood will be adding some exciting businesses and restaurants this upcoming year. So far, they are looking at adding a few new businesses such as:

Too Jay’s Original Gourmet Deli 
Gator’s Dockside 
A Raymond James office
Brownwood Jewelers
Something Engraveable and Silver.

In addition to these exciting plans, Brownwood is already entertaining the locals through live entertainment and the latest Hollywood movies. Check out Brownwood Paddox Square soon to experience a bit of history through this early century Florida cattle town inspired square.

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