Citizens and Your Florida Mobile Home Insurance Policy

            Citizens Insurance Company is now requiring that its insured with mobile home insurance policies have a roof inspection completed if the home is 25 years old or older. They will only accept roof inspections completed by “qualified inspectors”. According to Citizens, a “qualified inspector” is one of the following:

  • A Florida licensed general, residential, building, or roofing contractor
  • A licensed building inspector
  • A registered architect
  • An engineer in the State of Florida
  • A building code official (who is duly authorized by the State of Florida or its county’s municipalities to verify building code compliance).

Citizens is looking for whether or not the roof has been updated, has more than three year’s life expectancy, has no leaks, and if it has no damage. They require that your inspector fills out a Roof Condition Certification Form and that you provide at least two colored photos of your roof. You will end up paying around $75.00 or more to have the inspection done.

Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency’s recommended roof inspectors:

Dennis with DJ Home Inspection


John with Knight Inspection Services


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