Your Claim is our Priority

During a loss we know the claim process can be stressful and Westgate Jones promises to provide you with top-notch claim service and experts.  In addition to our staff we have partnerships with the best insurance carriers, adding another level of benefits to our customers.  Tower Hill has a strong 40 year history in the state of Florida; below we’ve provided information about their specific philosophy on claim services. 

Tower Hill Insurance (
For more than 40 years, Tower Hill has been protecting Florida’s homes and businesses against hurricanes, fires, and floods. Tower Hill has successfully weathered the storms that have crossed Florida’s shores and helped our customers rebuild their property and lives quickly after each one.

We understand how difficult it can be when your home or property is damaged due to a hurricane or other catastrophic event. We also recognize that it’s during this time that you depend on your insurance company the most.

When disaster strikes, Tower Hill’s “all hands on deck” approach provides our customers a well-trained and dedicated team of customer service staff, claims adjusters, and support personnel to answer your phone calls and service your claims.

Year round, we continually prepare for whatever Mother Nature may bring to Florida. Our commitment is to provide you with the insurance coverage you need for protection through the hurricane season, and for peace of mind all year long.

At Westgate-Jones Insurance we believe everyone and every policy truly
is unique. Our team takes pride in the simple fact that you will never
find a one-size-fits-all policy at Westgate-Jones Insurance!