Flyboard Insurance

Contact Ray Lewis, the Flyboard insurance agent, to discuss all the options currently available for Flyboard businesses. He has been involved with insuring Flyboards since early 2012 and is recognized as the agent most qualified to design a policy to meet the insurance needs of those involved in this exciting new industry. In fact, the majority of Flyboard Distributors trust their insurance needs to Ray…and all of them have referred their clients to him for Flyboard insurance.

The type of insurance being referred to is General Liability to include coverage for the participant on the Flyboard. When the Flyboard was first introduced to the United States there were no insurance companies willing to write this type of policy. Ray worked with the first insurance company that expressed an interest to develop a set of underwriting guidelines and safety protocols to get the first policy written. Matt Duve of Midwest Flyboard was the first and there have been many others to follow.

As Flight Centers searched for optimal locations there was a need for a policy with limits of $1,000,000 Per Occurrence/$2,000,000 Aggregate. Most resorts, marinas, and certain municipalities require this limit and there was no affordable option. Once again it was Ray Lewis who found a solution and a second insurance company was added to the mix.

Because of his commitment to the Flyboard industry and his 30 years of insurance agent experience he now has insurance companies approaching him for assistance in developing their program. With his input we are excited to announce the addition of a third insurance company to the portfolio of insurance companies writing Liability policies for flight centers; available in all 50 states and some Caribbean Islands.

You can call Ray at 877-801-8542 to discuss your particular situation or you can complete the online quote request form at the right of this page.

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