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Home Insurance is the most important insurance policy a homeowner can purchase. Not only does it cover your property, but it also covers various issues of liability. Because of this wide scope of coverage, it is difficult to own a home without this crucial insurance.

With a homeowner’s policy, your property is protected against events of “peril.” Such events are classified as fires, theft, and even vandalism. The liability coverage in these policies can also cover legal responsibility for incidents that may occur on your property. An incident is usually defined as any personal injury, or property damage that occurs at your home.

Generally speaking, the only exceptions which are not covered by homeowners insurance are damages caused by floods, earthquakes, or poor maintenance. However, a comprehensive supplemental policy can be offered, which provides protection from these types of events.

A home is a huge investment of your time and money; make sure that it is adequately protected! If your home contains precious memories, why would you risk losing them?

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Located in Leesburg, Florida, Westgate-Jones Insurance is a full
service, locally owned agency dedicated to providing you with the
highest quality insurance in Florida. As an independent hometown
brokerage we have access to top-rated carriers, allowing us to offer you
the best rates throughout Florida. Our widespread network of providers
ensures that we can provide you on the most superior Florida insurance options for you, our valued customer.