Creating an Edible Garden and Saving on Ocala Insurance

Are you on a cost cutting mission? Life does seem to get ever more expensive. We may be able to find you some savings on your Ocala insurance policies, and once we’ve done that you might like to take to the garden. With sunshine a year round feature, gardening can be a great way to pass the time and by planting fruits and vegetables; you can decrease your food costs or perhaps even sell your produce at your neighborhood farmer’s market. Individuals who are inexperienced gardeners might like a few suggestions as to what to plant and when.

  • During the spring, stick to blueberries, watermelons, spinach, cantaloupes, fava beans, and basil.
  • From June to August, you should consider planting mangos, grapes, dragon fruits, raspberries, and peanuts.
  • When fall rolls in, it is the perfect season for bananas, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, and zucchini.
  • The weather of December to February is great for pommelos, Valencia oranges, kale, peas, and potatoes.

Planning your garden across the year can help make sure you have fresh items for every season. Look at ways of preserving items for other seasons too. Gather together new recipes for meal that make the most of the items you grow and you might be surprised at the savings a small back yard garden can bring. To add to those savings by reducing your Ocala insurance costs, speak to us today for value for money policies for home, car and business insurance.