Does Your Florida Home Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

You may have a Florida home insurance policy, but do you have the coverage you need? It is not uncommon for Florida to be hit with multiple severe storms each year. Without specific hurricane protection, the damage may need to be repaired on your dime. This type of insurance can be expensive. You may be able to keep the coverage a little lower by preparing your home to withstand the storm.

Shutters are a vital part of preventing hurricane damage. They help prevent the glass from being blown out, and the subsequent water and wind destruction that can occur indoors. There are many types of shutters on the market. One of the most popular kinds is roll-down metal shutters, but pieces of plywood nailed to your window frames can work too, although you wouldn’t expect them to have the strength of steel.

The high speed winds and flooding that accompany the storm are enough of a threat. Do not add to the destructive power of the hurricane. Be sure to tie down grills, yard toys, and anything else that can become airborne and cause damage during the storm.

You may be able to arrange for hurricane coverage to be added to your current Florida home insurance policy. Some insurance companies will not issue new hurricane coverage to homeowners during certain months of the year when storm damage is the most common – so don’t delay seeking a quote until the season approaches! With Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency, you can get the coverage you need with our help. Contact us today for more information!