Does Your RV Need an Ocala Insurance Policy

Recreational vehicles have grown increasingly popular, especially with retired individuals who have the time to drive around and explore our country. Did you know that your RV needs its own Ocala insurance policy? The type and expense of your coverage depends on whether you are considered a full time RV driver or not.


To be categorized as a full time recreational vehicle driver, you would have to spend half the year or more on the road. Most people who fit into this class either do not own a traditional home or rent it out in exchange for a life of travel. As a full timer, as these drivers are often referred to, you will need a different type of coverage than someone who only uses their RV for short vacations.


When your RV is considered your home, it requires as much protection as a house does. Besides collision and other accident related coverage, you also need to ensure you have insurance for your personal belongings, replacement costs in the instance of a disaster and liability for injuries sustained to guests while inside your vehicle.


Insurance can get pretty expensive, especially if you have other policies you have to pay. Our agent can help you obtain affordable Ocala insurance for your RV.