Evacuation Tips

            When it comes to threatening storms, such as hurricanes, an evacuation is sometimes called to protect the group of people in the dangerous area. However, when a large group of people are evacuating at the same time and in a hurry, especially in populated states like Florida, the populated road can become somewhat dangerous itself.

There are some things you should remember in the process of an evacuation:

  • Make sure your vehicle is fueled up and well serviced before you hit the road.
  • Carry a supply of food and water for each member of the traveling party.
  • Do not necessarily wait to evacuate until after the announcement is made that the Turnpike tolls have been suspended. It might pay off to pay the toll and leave early when traffic is much lighter.
  • During toll suspensions, continue to have cash available at all times.
  • When going through a temporarily toll-suspended plaza, slow down and be conscious of other motorists.
  •  It is best if you are prepared by having a specific destination in mind.
  • Make sure to be patient and be prepared for delays. Florida is very populated and there is bound to be a significant amount of traffic.
  • Getting back after the storm:
    • If out of the area, be sure to stock up on any items that might be in short supply in the storm affected area.
    • Consider getting extra cash at a working ATM.
    • Fuel up prior to getting to an area that might have limited availability due to power outages.
    • Follow any emergency instructions that may be displayed on the Turnpike’s overhead dynamic message signs. http://www.flhsmv.gov/SafetyTips/Weather.htm

    It is good to prepare yourself before such events occur. Hopefully, the above tips will help keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible. If you would like to learn more about what to do during evacuations and about driving in severe weather conditions, check out the following site: www.flhsmv.gov. To check out our other safety related blogs, click here.