Fathers Day 2012

        We were just given the opportunity to celebrate mothers back in May and now that June has rolled around it is the fathers’ turn. Though Fathers Day was a little controversial at the beginning, it is a holiday that has become a part of American culture.

        Whether or not your father is the sentimental type everyone needs to be loved and appreciated from time to time. For this Fathers’ Day find something to make, buy, or do for your dad that will show him how thankful you are for what he has done for you and how much you love him. When it comes to thinking about what to get him you need to think about your father and what he is interested in. Whether he is into the latest technological devices, sports, art, music, or whether he loves being the handyman, there is something out there for your dad. It can be as small and as inexpensive as making his favorite meal, buying a card, or purchasing his favorite sports team t-shirt or it can be as expensive as a new iphone or power saw. No matter what you chose to buy or do for your father, make sure he is the center of the day.

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Happy Fathers Day!

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