Florida Commercial Insurance for Professional Drivers

 Don’t be like Lloyd Christmas…be a responsible commercial driver!

To some, driving is more than just a privilege – it’s a source of income. Whether you are a truck driver, a courier or a chauffeur, keeping your expenses at a reasonable level can mean the difference between making a profit on your business and being in the red. What can you do to make sure you get the best Florida commercial insurance at an affordable rate?

One of the best ways to reduce insurance costs is to reduce the risk you represent in the eyes of insurers. Choosing a vehicle with excellent safety features or adding safety features to your existing vehicle enable you to get better value coverage. It might also save your life one day. Seat belts are required by law in most states, but the government as failed to mandate the presence of airbags in vehicles. Insurance companies, however, often reward clients with airbags by offering lowered rates.

Anti-theft devices also reduce the insurer’s risk.  By adding GPS to your car or truck, you can ensure the police will find it quickly, which reduces the risk that the insurer will have to pay a large theft related claim.

Many Florida commercial insurance companies only review their clients’ policies once a year however, if you feel like you are being overcharged or if something has changed in your situation that will dramatically affect your premiums, contact your agent. Saving money is especially important in this economy. With Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency, you can get the coverage you need with our help. Contact us today for more information!