Florida Commercial Insurance Options for Florida Artist Cooperatives

The days of patronage for artists seem to have passed for all but a lucky few so one practical way for Florida artists to make a living from their work might be to form cooperatives with other artists. Pooling resources could enable a group of artists to rent a space to exhibit and sell their work, as this might be unsustainable for single artists. However, if you wish to do this, to protect a venture like this financially, you need to treat it as a business and invest in Florida commercial insurance.

A rented shop or building is usually covered, to some extent, by policies that are held by the landlord however, these won’t extend to the items you keep on the premises. You should purchase a policy that covers your contents. This could be a variable situation, depending on how you set up the space. A shop front gallery that is solely intended for exhibitions and sales may need a policy that covers all fittings, artworks and equipment. However, if you are thinking of opening a working studio space that has printing presses, kilns or other specialized equipment, you may have to look at a different level of coverage.

The best course of action is to do your homework first. Call us to discuss your Florida commercial insurance options. Then you can meet with the members of your potential co-op armed with information that can help you make an informed choice together about your insurance coverage.