Flyboards and Your Florida Insurance

Flyboard Pic.jpg

        Have you heard about Flyboards? Not only is it a new extreme water sport, but it has been growing in popularity around the world. This machine allows a person to swim underwater like a dolphin and fly through the air. Click here for more information about Flyboards, and check out this amazing YouTube video!

        If you are interested in purchasing your own Flyboard, contact Flyboards, Inc. at 352-340-3591. To contact a certified instructor, call 352-323-1602. If you do not want to purchase one of your own, you can rent them at some of the following Florida beaches: St. Petersburg, Destin, and Ft. Meyers.

        Not only is this an awesome new toy, but we at Westgate-Jones can insure your Flyboards. If you are interested in insuring your Flyboard, contact Ray Lewis today. You can email him at or call him at 352-787-7548.

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