Holiday Fireworks and Your Florida Homeowners Insurance


        As Americans we love to celebrate our Independence Day by sporting our red-white-and blue clothing, wearing our flag pins, hosting BBQs and get-togethers, watching local fireworks displays, and by setting off a few of our own at home. There is something so patriotic and fun about playing with sparklers and firecrackers with your family and friends at home. However, playing with such items could cause some injuries and property damage.

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        According to the National Fire Protection association, there were 15,500 reported firework-related fires that led to deaths and injuries in 2010. The USFA goes on to tell us that there were 8,600 people hospitalized for firework-related injuries, 65% were males and 53% of the people were under the age of twenty.

        In order to keep our loved ones safe during the fourth of July celebrations, we should pay attention to a few simple, potentially life-saving tips.

q      Only set fireworks off outside

q      Make sure to heed local laws when it comes to what kind of fireworks are legal

q      Always have water handy

q      Use fireworks as intended

q      Never try to relight a “dud”

q      Keep a safe distance away from the fireworks

q      Don’t light fireworks if you have been drinking alcohol (alcohol and fireworks don’t mix)

q      Keep children under the age of twelve from lighting fireworks

q      Keep away from homemade fireworks

(National Council on Fireworks Safety)

        Before an accident occurs, you should check with your insurance agent to make sure you are properly covered in case an accident does happen this holiday. If you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage, call us today at 352-787-7548. Whether you decide to light fireworks or not this Fourth of July, we at Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday with your friends and family.

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