Holiday Safety

            Christmas time is a happy time of year when friends and
family come together, gifts are given and received, songs are sang, yummy
holiday foods are eaten, and our favorite holiday movies are watched. However,
one thing about Christmas that the songs tend to leave out of their lyrics is
the chaotic store lines, parking lots, and roads.

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            It is important to be very careful when it comes to going
out in public this close to the holidays. Though this time of year tends to put
the pressure on spending more, buying the perfect gifts, and meeting deadlines,
try to keep calm. Make sure to be extra courteous and respectful of the rights
of other pedestrians and drivers, think “peace on earth, goodwill toward men”.
Not only do you have to watch for the shoppers and drivers on the streets,
beware of the “over-celebrated” drivers and pedestrians. Remember, more than half
of the accidents that occur on the roads during the holidays are caused by
drunk drivers. Don’t only watch out for those people on the road, try not to be
one of those people either. Try to keep the drinking to a minimum as you travel
from parties this Christmas season.

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            Driving during the holidays surely makes you want to
hurry back to the safety and serenity of your home, but homes aren’t always
safe places during the holiday season. Be aware of potential fires that may be
caused by faulty outdoor Christmas lights, candles, fireplaces, and/or cooking
in the kitchen. Keep your pets and children away from potential fire areas. One
way to accomplish this is by making sure there is a clear path from room to
room free of cords, gifts, and Christmas decorations to avoid any unnecessary

            We at Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency hope you all have a
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