How Important is a Business Income Endorsement?

Business Income is a separate endorsement that can be added to your business property insurance policy. This endorsement protects businesses when unexpected interruptions come up which are covered under your Florida commercial insurance policy. When these events occur, your business income endorsement is responsible for getting your business back on its feet by providing your business’s normal operating expenses. As long as your policy covers the cause of your interruption, this endorsement can have your business up and running within days of your claim.

Business owners oftentimes think about ensuring their “stuff” but do not think about ensuring their business in case of an unexpected emergency, therefore, overlooking the need for this endorsement. However, business income is a good investment to protect your business in these trying times. It is recommended that a business owner purchase enough coverage for the period of restoration after a loss. When unexpected issues come up that cannot be controlled, insurance investments such as this can protect you from losing the business you have made successful. By paying out a small sum today, you might prevent a catastrophic loss tomorrow.

The worksheet below is provided for your convenience so that you can calculate how much business income coverage you should purchase. If you have any more questions about our great commercial insurance policies, contact us at Westgate-Jones Insurance today at 352-787-7548!


 Extra Expense Worksheet.pdfBusiness Income Worksheet.pdf