How Ocala Insurance Can Prepare You for Hurricane Damage

Have you recently relocated to Ocala, Florida? There’s no time like now to ensure you have hurricane coverage included in your Ocala insurance policies. You also need to prepare your home for such an event. Here are several tips to help you get ready for a hurricane touching down in your area.

  • Select a safe place for the family to weather the storm. Consider a room without windows on the bottom floor.
  • Stock up on food and water. These should be non-perishable foods such as canned goods. Every year you should rotate these through your pantry.
  • Stock up on batteries, flashlights, rope, tarps, plastic bags, clothing and other essentials to get through the aftermath of the storm.
  • Ensure you get your home ready before the storm approaches. Shut the hurricane shutters if you have them, or put up plywood over the windows.
  • Keep your vehicles gassed up to at least half of a tank throughout the hurricane season. There will be long lines at the gas stations once you hear of a storm approaching.
  • Plan for the family pets. Shelters will not accept pets when a hurricane is approaching. You may even want to consider evacuating early to a safer area.

Most importantly, check your insurance coverage. Many Ocala insurance agencies stop writing coverage when a storm is approaching. In order to ensure the next big one does not cost you dearly, contact our agency now to purchase a policy.