How One of Our Customers Received FREE Homeowner’s Insurance

          Recently we have had the pleasure of saving a new customer a good deal of money. The Shelton family came to us paying $2,718.00 in auto insurance and looking for a homeowner’s insurance quote for their new home. In the process of quoting this family with several of our insurance companies, we were able to save them $806.79 on their auto insurance by switching them to a new company and quote their home for $696.00. In the case of the Shelton family, we were able to get them a new auto insurance policy and homeowner’s insurance policy for less money than their previous car insurance policy alone! Because our agency works with a variety of insurance companies, we were able to find the best insurance policy for this family, and we can do this for you too!

What they were paying before:

$2,718.00 for auto insurance

What they are paying now:

$1,911.21 for auto insurance

$696.00 for homeowner’s insurance

$2,607.21 TOTAL


Congratulations to the Shelton family for their savings!

          Call Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency at 352-787-7548 to see how we can save you money!

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