How To Add Value To Your Home


        Looking to add value to your home, look no further than your front lawn. There are certain things you can change or add to your yard that will make your home more valuable.

  • First of all, think about the grass. “Dying grass is a clear sign that your soil may be tapped of nutrients, and it’s also a real eyesore” ( In order to keep your lawn healthy and green, “you can give new sod a proper mix of native soil and new soil” (
  • An important feature that you should add to your home to add value is a sprinkler system. For various reasons, many people may not like the idea of dragging the hose around from the side of the house to water their grass and plants. So, the addition of a sprinkler system is both convenient and valuable.
  • In addition to having a neat, green yard and a convenient sprinkler system, you should plant trees around the house. Not only will these trees grow and look nicely in the yard, but they will also provide shade, which will make the house cooler. When the house is a few degrees cooler because of natural shade, you don’t have to turn the air conditioning as cool, which can save energy and money.

        If you heed these few tips, your home will increase in value and you will be able to “build equity and savings for years to come” (

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