How to Choose a Good Book


        Sometimes you are in the mood to read a good book but you have no idea what to read. When you are in such a predicament, it will be best to think about what kind of books you usually read. Thinking about this will either let you know which genre of books you are looking for or will let you know which genre you might want to avoid. It also may help to think about what authors you’ve enjoyed before. If you like a certain author’s writing style, you may want to look up what other books they have written. It also might help to reflect on what activities or other things that interest you. If you take dance lessons in your spare time, you may want to read a biography about a famous dancer. If history interests you, you may want to read a biography about a famous civil war general or read a historical fiction series.

    If you’re tired of reading the same kind of book, have already read all of the books by your favorite author, or are interested in reading about something new that you might find interesting, ask your close friends and family for recommendations. You may not think you would be interested in their suggestions, but then again, you may be pleasantly surprised.

    You can find out about different books by reading book reviews in newspapers and magazines. If you read about a new book that has been gaining in popularity and has received raving reviews by critics, you may want to see what all the fuss is about and read it for yourself. Another way you can find out about different books is to join a book club. That way you can all read chosen books and discuss them together.

    Today, many movies have been based off of books. If you have seen a movie that has been based off of a book and enjoyed it, you might enjoy the story even more if you read the original book, which is oftentimes claimed to be better than the corresponding movie. Even if you haven’t seen a movie based off a book recently, sometimes bookstores display the books that have recently been made into movies on the ends of the isles or on a central table with the new movie-related covers.

    Whether you like to read for pleasure or information, we want to make sure you find the perfect book to finish your summer off right. We at Westgate-Jones Insurance value and enjoy reading and hope you share our love for books. Show your love for reading tomorrow for “National Book Lovers Day”!