How to make your house feel like fall!

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Fall is officially here, and it’s already the month of October.
Just because the weather is still warm doesn’t mean that it can’t feel like
fall. One way to get into the fall spirit is to decorate your home. Weather you
decide to put up a fall-inspired wreath on your front door, decorate your
mantel with pumpkins and gourds, or put out seasonal centerpieces on your
tables, your home will reflect the change in season.

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Not only will decorating your home with the colors of fall
get you ready for the season, but the smells of fall can be just as important
as the appearance of your home. It’s time to start baking your favorite pumpkin
recipe and pulling out the cinnamon-scented candles to welcome the scents of
the season into your home.

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To kick off the season right, it’s time to start thinking
about Halloween. As the first big holiday in the season, Halloween provides us
the opportunity to visit pumpkin patches, carve pumpkins, pick out fun
costumes, throw parties, and hand out candy. With Thanksgiving and Christmas
around the corner, Halloween is only the beginning of the seasonal festivities.

This season is about spending time with your family and
being thankful for what you have. As a business, we at Westgate-Jones Insurance
Agency are thankful for your support, and we hope that these tips help start
your fall off right. Have a great autumn, everyone!

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