How to Prepare for the 2012 Hurricane Season

Are you a newcomer to the Sunshine State? You may have moved here for the beautiful weather, but you may be surprised to learn that Florida is not a paradise all year long. From June to November, the threat of severe thunderstorms, tropical storms and hurricanes may cause continuous stress for residents, which is one of the reasons you should purchase Florida home insurance now. Never experienced a hurricane? The National Hurricane Center recommends all families prepare thoroughly for severe weather by completing the four tasks below:

•    Your first step should be to get your family ready. Teach your children about hurricanes, how they form, and why they are dangerous. Locate the best place in your home to weather the storm.

•    You may also find creating an emergency kit beneficial. For each member of your family, pack a food and water for a couple of days, a change of clothes, a flashlight, and batteries.

•    Designate a meeting place to come together if the hurricane strikes while you are apart. This place should be near enough to your home that everyone can make it there quickly. You should also choose a location to evacuate to if necessary.

•    Recognize and correct all features in your home that could pose a problem during the hurricane.

In 2008, tropical storms and hurricanes caused more than $16 million worth of property damage according to the NCDC. Will 2012 see the same amount of activity? Time will tell, but it is best to be prepared for the worst and obtain the right amount of Florida home insurance and hurricane coverage today.