Hurricane Preparedness and Your Great Florida Insurance

        There is great hurricane coverage out there for those who prepare in good time. Oftentimes, people do not think about purchasing a specific insurance policy until its too late. Many think that once a hurricane is spotted is the perfect time to purchase the proper coverage. However, this is not the smartest idea considering that insurance companies place an imaginary box surrounding Florida. Once a hurricane enters the imaginary box, people in the state of Florida can no longer purchase hurricane insurance coverage. With hurricane season only one month away, now is the time to get prepared.

*If a hurricane enters the green or purple box, you can no longer purchase hurricane coverage.

*If a tropical storm enters the purple box, you can no longer purchase hurricane coverage.

        Hurricane and wind deductibles are oftentimes built into your homeowner insurance policy, except if you live on the coast, where you may have to purchase a wind only policy. When it comes to water damage, your hurricane insurance coverage will cover it as long as your home isn’t damaged by flooding, which is sometimes a result of hurricane rains. If your home is damaged by rising water caused by a hurricane, hurricane coverage will not protect you against such damage, your flood insurance policy will. If you are in a flood zone, it is smart to make sure your have proper flood coverage in addition to your hurricane coverage.

        If you call Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency, you can personally speak with an experienced agent regarding your hurricane insurance coverage. You can inquire about purchasing the proper hurricane coverage or check on your current policy, making sure everything is up to date and that there is an adequate amount of coverage. Have any questions or concerns? Call us today at 352-787-7548! Want to learn more about our insurance agency? Check out our website!