I am starting a Florida food business. Now what?

You have a passion for food and have many unique ideas about a new restaurant or shop for your area. You are determined to make your dream a reality. Starting a food business whether it is a restaurant, bakery, or coffee shop, takes a lot of sacrifice and effort to make your business a success. You need to figure out where you want your business to be located, what equipment will be necessary to purchase, what health and safety laws you need to abide by, how best to advertise and market your business, etc. You also need to know what kind and how much insurance you should purchase to make sure your business and hard work is protected.

When it comes to Florida business insurance, the best policy to purchase would be a business owner’s policy, also know as a BOP. A BOP’s basic coverage is either building or business personal property or both and general liability. By purchasing a BOP, you will be able to receive good built-in coverages and special benefits. An insurance company’s business owner’s policy will cover many different types of food businesses, for example: bagel shops, bakeries, barbeque restaurants, coffee shops, delicatessens, ice cream shops, etc.

The coverages automatically included in the food service program BOP are as follows: business income, equipment breakdown, permanently installed equipment, employment related practices liability, spoilage from power outage, food contamination, and food service plus endorsement. The food service plus endorsement includes coverages for credit card forgery, credit card slip theft, loss of income from discharge, clean up expenses, cooking equipment recharge expenses, restoration expenses, additional advertising expenses, and inoculation expense reimbursement.

In order to make sure you purchase the amount of insurance that will properly cover your business and find the best insurance company for your specific situation, you should meet with an insurance agent. Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency has many experienced agents that can help you find the best Florida commercial insurance coverage for the protection of your business. At Westgate-Jones, we are committed to helping you with your specific situation so that your business dreams can become a reality. Whether or not you already have insurance with us, please contact us at 352-787-7548 and check out our website at www.westgatejonesinsurance.com.