Insuring Your AC Business

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        When it comes to dealing with the Florida heat, many prefer to cool down at home with a nice air conditioning system. If you encounter any problems with your air conditioning you should have an air conditioning business in mind that is trust worthy and insured. There are many local air conditioning businesses that meet these criteria:

q     Suter Air Conditioning Inc- 352-787-9550

q     Andrew’s Air Conditioning LLC- 352-552-4174

q     Sumter Air and Heat Inc- 352-568-7400

q     Claybrooke Air Conditioning System Inc- 352-568-2874

q     Minyard’s Sunshine Air & Heat Inc- 352-751-0094

q     Morrison Electric Heating & Air Conditioning Inc- 352-787-3868

q     Terry’s Air Conditioning and Heating Inc- 352-748-2106

        On the other hand, if you are looking to start your own air conditioning business or are looking for a new business insurance policy, we are here to help. When it comes to getting an insurance policy for your air conditioning business, your premium will depend on your gross sales and employee payroll. Our two main standard companies that specialize in insuring air conditioning business are Nationwide and North Pointe. Both companies offer a minimum premium of about $800 a year, and in order to receive a policy with either of these companies, you will need to have a contractor’s license and at least three years experience.

        If you are interested in receiving a free insurance business quote call Westgate-Jones Insurance at 352-787-7548. We will have one of our experienced commercial insurance agents find the best policy for you and your business. Contact us today!

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