Insuring your Mobile Home

Living in a mobile home is a choice for some and a necessity for others, but in either case, mobile home insurance Florida is important for financial protection. While in principal, insuring a mobile home may be similar to insuring any other home, there are some important differences.

Ask your insurance agent to shop around for quotes – insuring a mobile home can be more expensive, as the risk of damage in extreme weather is higher than for a fixed dwelling. Some policies may offer extra financial assistance for emergency moves of a mobile home when there is a hurricane warning, so buying one with this inclusion could be a way of maximizing your value for money. 

You also need to be aware of building standards for mobile homes. There may be industry standards and ratings that can affect the level of coverage you might be able to buy. 

In the event of your mobile home being damaged and temporarily uninhabitable, some policies may offer funds to assist you financially with interim accommodation and living costs while your home is being repaired. 

As with all insurance policies, read carefully before you sign up for mobile home insurance Florida. Should anything be unclear, ask questions and keep asking questions until you get a satisfactory explanation.