Is Your Laundry Room A Hazard To You and Your Florida Home Insurance?

A significant number of the fires that give rise to Florida home insurance claims are traced to clothes dryers in the laundry rooms of houses. Because of this, safety authorities are keen to increase public awareness of the fire risk posed by clothes drying appliances. What causes fires to start in clothes dryers?

Lint builds up in the lint trap inside the dryer. Lint accumulates in the exhaust duct of the dryer. The dryer is used to dry clothing and cloths that have been soaked in volatile chemicals like cooking oil, gasoline and cleaning agents.

To clear lint that builds up in the lint trap and exhaust duct, use a brush available from hardware stores. Brushing not only removes lint and other debris, it improvesair flow and helps the dryer operate more efficiently, using less energy. In order to avoid chemicals catching fire in a dryer, safety experts recommend air drying cloths and garments that have been spoiled by volatile materials.

A fire that is confined to the dryer and the clothes it contains can be expensive, but a fire that spreads from the dryer can be catastrophic. Filing a Florida home insurance claim may drive up the cost of insurance premiums. Remember that clothes dryers have the potential to cause fires, always use them cautiously and never leave a clothes dryer running unattended while you are out. With Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency we have the answers to all your questions!