Is Life Insurance a Gift?

Because death can be such an unpredictable fact of life, it is good to have a plan of action ahead of time. A permanent life insurance policy is definitely not an ideal Valentine’s Day gift, but it is a practical one. Though no one can prevent emotional sorrow of a family member’s passing, such a plan can save your family a lot of financial grief. In this way, a life insurance policy can truly be a gift to your family. According to, here are the top ten reasons for getting a life insurance policy:

  1. You never know
  2. Funerals are expensive
  3. Protect those you love
  4. Death shouldn’t mean debt
  5. Anything could happen
  6. Take care of business
  7. Supplement your retirement
  8. It makes financial sense
  9. Give to charity
  10.  Peace of mind, plain and simple

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