Is Your Business Ready for a Hurricane?

Owning a business along the Florida coast may be especially rewarding to a business owner who enjoys the beach on their days off. However, businesses located along the coast face extra risk of hurricane damage. Hurricane season is well underway, and in effect until November. Are you and your employees prepared to face the perils of a hurricane? Do you know how your insurance coverage would work in the event of a hurricane?

There are some important facts you may need to know about hurricane coverage:

•    Wind damage from hurricanes can be covered under a business insurance policy. You should check to ensure that your policy covers it.

•    Damage from a flood is rarely covered in a business insurance policy. It is vital that you secure separate flood insurance.

•    It is important that you understand that you most likely have a hurricane deductible. You may want to ask your agent what that deductible is, and how it works if you’re unsure.

You should also prepare an evacuation plan to get your staff out of your building and on their way to a safe location should a hurricane strike be imminent. Create an inventory of the equipment and other property you own for your business. Ensure that you keep receipts or record purchase transactions so that you can prove how much each item cost, in case any of it is lost in a Florida hurricane. Such an inventory may prove helpful to your insurance adjuster, and may save you a great deal of time following a disaster.