Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

        May 13th is Mother’s Day, a day where we all should stop and think of how much our mothers do for us day in and day out. Though this holiday has changed a bit over time, the purpose is still the same, to take time and appreciate our mothers. One of the most popular ways to show mothers that we appreciate them is by giving gifts. However, year after year it seems to get more difficult to find something that they would love and enjoy. When thinking about what to buy your mom for Mother’s Day, you need to think about something that she will enjoy and something that will make her feel special. Hopefully these ideas will help you in your search.

1. Is your mother the head chef of the house? Consider buying a stylish apron, state of the arts kitchen appliance, unique silverware or serving dish.

2. It is always nice to receive gifts that will help you relax and have a good time. For your mom, it might be a trip to the spa or hair salon. Michael’s Couture Salon, located downtown Leesburg, has many different service options for your mother. Swing by and purchase a gift card today!

3. Is your mom one of those who is content with what she has and has no desire for gifts? The best thing to give your mother may just be quality time. In this case, you might want to take her out to a nice lunch, dinner, or even to tea.

4. There are some women that can never have enough perfumes and body wash. If your mother is one of those, head to Crabtree and Evelyn or Bath and Body works a buy her favorite scent.

5. Does your mother love sweets? Take advantage of her sweet tooth and bake her favorite dessert, purchase her a box of chocolates, or buy a fruit arrangement.

6. Sometimes it is nice to receive a gift that you might not buy for yourself. For your mother, that might be a piece of jewelry or flowers.

7. Is your mother a sports fanatic? Buy her some of her team’s paraphernalia.

8. Fashion comes and goes so quickly that it never hurts to get new clothes. If your mother loves fashion, clothes, and accessories, buy her something new. Whether it is the latest Coach purse or a top she has been eying out at Target, make her feel special by purchasing that item.

9. Are you techno-savvy? You could also make use of technology and make a scrapbook online through After you create your online book, you order it and have it shipped directly to your home.

10. There are those bookworms who can never have too many books. If your mother is one of these, get her a new book, a Nook/other e-reader, or a bookstore gift card.

        However you choose to spend May 13th, it is a good time to spend as a family and a time to make great memories. No matter what you choose to give, make sure it shows your mom how much you truly love her and how thankful you are for all she does. It is always nice to feel appreciated.

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