Make a Disaster and Evacuation Plan

In recent years, it seems there has been an increase in the occurrence of severe weather events, at home and around the world. Stories of the aftermaths have demonstrated the need for people to have well organized disaster plans in place. For those of you in mobile homes, it is imperative that you have that in hand, and that you don’t forget to ensure you have adequate mobile home insurance Florida

A catastrophic weather event is likely to put you at more risk than someone in a regular house or apartment. You need to pay particular attention to news alerts if there is an approaching storm, and you should monitor hurricane bulletins. There may be sufficient advance warnings to enable you to look at the option of relocating your mobile home out of the predicted pathway of the storm. However, as back up, you need to have a plan in place which provides somewhere you can go and take your animals with you.

Your safety, and that of your family and pets, is paramount, and should come ahead of your house and possessions in terms of priority. In the event of an evacuation order, leave earlier rather than later. Leaving it too late risks your safety, and may mean you have to leave your pets behind.

Check your mobile home insurance Florida policy so that you are familiar with the extent of your coverage. Update and upgrade if you feel it is necessary. Store the policy with other important paperwork and precious photographs in the one spot so that you can grab them quickly if you need to leave in a hurry. Don’t risk your lives – make that plan, and make sure you’ve got it financially covered too.