Making the Most of Professional Association Memberships

Membership in a professional association typically requires a time commitment and a financial investment. For a business owner, one of the main reasons for joining a professional association is to develop new clients. When your clientele expands, you may need additional coverage through your business insurance in Florida.

When attending a professional association conference, there are some things you may do to prepare yourself.

  • You may want to have plenty of business cards available to give out to potential clients and other acquaintances.
  • Should you have an exhibit at the conference, it may be wise to have useful items to give away, and you may want to have a short spiel prepared for anyone who asks questions about your business.
  • It may make sense to have a goal for your conference, such as attempting to make three or four new contacts.
  • Following the meeting, it may make sense to follow up on the new contacts you made, and attempt to build relationships.
  • After your first year or two of membership in the association, you may want to evaluate any return on investment to determine whether or not you should continue the membership.

One way to judge the success of your professional association membership may be to note any new clients you have signed or any new lines of business you have developed as a result of your membership. This kind of business expansion may call for more financial protection through your Florida business insurance. Your agent may answer your questions regarding whether or not you may need additional coverage.*