March is National Umbrella Month

Umbrella Month pic.jpg

Who knew there was a National Umbrella Month?  Seems we’re always celebrating something!  You can find some interesting ways to celebrate this invention at  Yes, you guessed it! We’re using this blog to share with you the importance of umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance is a vital coverage yet many people lack a solid understanding about the benefits this type of policy provides.  Your current insurance policies such as home and auto have a limited amount of liability coverage. This creates a gap that could leave you underinsured. If you are faced with a lawsuit (i.e. due to an injury), you may not have enough liability coverage to fully protect you, leading to significant financial responsibility.

Most liability coverage that rests within your current
insurance policies only covers bodily injury and property damage to others. If
you exhaust the limits on your insurance policy you will end up having to pay
out-of-pocket. Umbrella insurance extends the limits to not only provide
additional coverage for bodily injury and property damage, but also to cover
things that aren’t listed under regular liability allowances.

An umbrella insurance policy can cover you in the case of:

  • Slander/ Libel Lawsuits
  • Property Damage
  • Legal Fees

Umbrella insurance can typically be purchased at a low cost to you, but will provide enough coverage to where you shouldn’t have to worry about liability costs in the future. 

If you have any questions about umbrella insurance policies, contact Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency at 352-787-7548 and speak with one of our experts. Also visit to learn more about umbrella insurance policies.