Meeting Current Building Codes with your Mobile Home and having Appropriate Insurance

Mobile homes represent an opportunity for many people, particularly those on lower incomes, to own a home when they might not otherwise have the chance. However, due to the movable nature of these structures, there are particular vulnerabilities that people dwelling in permanent homes don’t need to consider. This can be reflected in mobile home insurance Florida policies.

There are building codes for mobile homes, just as there are for regular houses. Some mobile homes, particularly older ones, may not fall within current codes, which can affect your insurance. However, whether or not they are old, or are within current building codes, they are still more vulnerable than a fixed dwelling during extreme weather. A recent article on the Insurance Information Institute website stated that of the 34 people who died in the March 2 tornadoes in Kentucky and Indiana this year, two thirds of them died in mobile homes.

Statistics like this are chilling. It means that, for those people who live in mobile homes, it is imperative that, where possible, they comply with current building codes. It could also be advisable to have specialized mobile home insurance Florida, which could include financial assistance to enable them to relocate if there are storm warnings so that they have the best possible chance of staying safe.