Most Common Insurance Claims

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        According to Allstate’s website, the most common business insurance claims in Florida are water damage, wind, theft/burglary, lightening, and other physical damage. Because of Florida’s hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, and the fact that Florida is surrounded by water, it isn’t very surprising that many businesses file insurance claims in these areas. 

        If you live in Florida and own a business, it is important to take these statistics into consideration. That is why it is so important to have a great insurance policy in the state of Florida, and we at Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency are here to help you find such an insurance policy. Call us today at 352-787-7548, and we will have one of our commercial agents develop a free quote that takes all of your business’s needs into consideration. Because we quote with several different companies, we are able to find the perfect policy to suit your business’s needs and your budget! 

        Not only will our insurance agency find the perfect insurance policy for your business, but we will also offer you free advertisement on our agency’s website if you decide to become one of our business partners! Call us today if you are interested! 

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