National Women’s Motorcycle Month and Your Florida Insurance

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        Because July is National Women’s Motorcycle Month, we wanted to focus on motorcycle owners of all kinds, especially women. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, women motorcycle riders have increased 34% between 1998 and 2003. Before then, women mostly rode motorcycles as passengers, not drivers. However, time has changed that.

        Though women riders have a reputation of being more cautious then men riders, all motorcycle owners need to have a motorcycle insurance policy. When it comes to getting motorcycle insurance in the state of Florida, many things determine the insurance rates such as age, location, bike style, riding experience, driving record, and gender. The types of coverage you decide to purchase will affect the overall premium.

        By purchasing a great Florida insurance policy and practicing safe driving habits, you, your passengers, and other riders will be protected. For some great safety tips check out our motorcycle safety blog.

        Women and men motorcycle owners need to purchase Florida insurance policies to protect themselves in case of an accident. Call Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency if you are interested in purchasing a great motorcycle insurance policy that is tailored to your specific needs.

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