Ocala Insurance and Hurricane-resistant Buildings

When it comes to Ocala insurance for their homes residents should ensure their coverage is adequate to rebuild if the region is hit with a hurricane. There are also steps that can be taken to fortify existing homes against hurricane damage.

The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) has developed a set of programs and codes for residential and commercial buildings to increase their resistance to hurricane damage.  The “FORTIFIED for Existing Homes” program provides instructions and guidelines for retrofitting homes to improve their disaster-resistance. There are 2 tiers and 3 levels of retrofit designations, as below: 

Tier 1 – FORTIFIED Bronze, or FORTIFIED Silver – mostly achievable in older homes or those with previous water damage. It involves the provision of improvements and increases in protection to structural systems.

Tier 2 – FORTIFIED Gold – this may be more appropriate for larger-scale renovations or when largely rebuilding damaged homes, or to reinforce newer homes built according to more modern codes and engineering standards. 

The IBHS can provide more information on structural improvements and retrofitting to improve your building’s resistance to damage from hurricane and other disasters. This may also mean that with regards to Ocala insurance, that residents whose homes have been strengthened in this way may save money on their premiums and other costs.