Off to College

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        It’s the month of August and school will be resuming sooner than we might want. Many high school graduates will be heading off to college for the first time, and current college students will be heading back to start the new semester. To make sure your child is properly insured against certain situations, it is important to make sure you purchase new, essential insurance policies and/or reevaluate your child’s current insurance policies before the fall semester begins.

        If you have a recent high school graduate on your hands, it may be smart to purchase renters insurance, especially if they are living off of a college campus. When you help move your child into their own place, you will find that they will be bringing everything that is valuable to them such as: their laptop, iPod, clothing, furniture, college textbooks, and other electronics. If an unexpected event occurs, such as a storm or if someone breaks in, your child could lose thousands of dollars worth of belongings. Without a special policy such as a renter’s policy, those belongings will not be covered. The landlord most likely has insurance, but it will only cover the building and will not include your child’s personal belongings. However, if you purchase renters insurance, you can purchase the proper coverage to make sure all of their belongings are fully insured.

        Whether you have a first time college student or a college student that is returning this semester, it would be smart to reevaluate your child’s auto, renters, and other insurance policies to make sure they are fully covered for the semester to come. Contact Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency today if you need to discuss your insurance needs. Listening to your specific situation, we will search our companies to find you a great Florida insurance policy to suit your personal needs. Whether it is purchasing a renters insurance policy for your recent graduate or other personal or business insurance needs, Westgate-Jones will be able to help. Contact us today at 352-787-7548! Check out our website to learn more about our agency and to read more helpful insurance-related blog posts!