Our Community

Our Community

For 40 years our decisions as a company have always been centered around the community.  We realize that we won’t do business with everyone but we truly believe there is a responsibility we’re charged with as a local business to uphold values and trust.

Community involvement is a key success component for the Westgate-Jones team.  This area of service allows our staff to interact with different nonprofits and individuals in our area through different events and fundraisers.  Westgate-Jones has created partnerships with charities in Lake, Sumter and other parts of Central Florida. It’s through these relationships that we are able to build friendships and trust outside of regular day-to-day business functions.

On this past Saturday, April 6th, Westgate-Jones hosted their first yard sale that benefited Deliver the Difference.  Deliver the Difference (www.deliverthedifference.org) is a local nonprofit focused on delivering meals to kids and families in Lake County.  The yard sale was a success, raising $1,700 for Deliver the Difference.

“The community really stepped up and supported our charity yard sale and I was proud to be involved in all aspects of the event.” said Catie Bowers of Westgate Jones.

Westgate-Jones promises to always provide you with integrity and top-notch service.  Connecting with people and organizations within the community help us remain accountable toward our true mission.