Our Favorite Local Landmark

Mote Morris House Pic.jpg

            There are many great landmarks located in the Central Florida area, but our insurance agency loves the Victorian style house located on West Magnolia Street, the Mote-Morris House. This home was built for the Mayor of Leesburg, Edward H. Mote, back in 1892 and was passed to the Morris family in 1918 and would be a part of that family for the next 70 years. Since the building was moved to its current location in 1990, many people have rented out the building and the surrounding grounds for various events such as weddings, parties, along with other personal and community events.

            Besides the fact that we admire this building’s historic charm, our agency has some great memories surrounding the building. Every year our agency has a Christmas party where the employees from our three offices get together to have a fun lunch. These parties are special because it is the one time out of the year where all of the employees spend time together. Our agency especially remembers having a great time when we rented out the Mote-Morris house for one of our past Christmas parties.   

            If you are having a party and are still looking for the perfect place to hold it, we at Westgate-Jones recommend that you rent out the Mote-Morris House. If you are interested, you can call 352-728-9898 to make the arrangements. It is also open to the public every second and fourth Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more historical information about the building, check out the following website: http://www.leesburgflorida.gov/history/mote_morris.aspx

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