Our Favorite Social Network: LinkedIn

Networking on LinkedIn

What is your favorite social network? Today I’ll spend time focusing on one of my favorite social networks and some of the key benefits. LinkedIn offers a platform different from all other social networking sites on the Internet. As a businessperson it is critical to have a professional profile on LinkedIn but more importantly a good understanding of how to use the site.

Setting up a profile

Step one is to visit www.linkedin.com to setup a profile. A couple of things to remember when creating a profile: Use a professional headshot and do your best to complete your profile. You want to project a professional image with your profile headshot. Don’t use your iPhone to take a picture of yourself! Additionally, take the time to fill in all of the fields during setup; you never know who will review your profile page and it should be complete with experience, work history, etc.

Philosophy behind LinkedIn

This is not Facebook or Pinterest! Never post social pictures of you with friends or other images that would diminish your credibility as a professional. Your posts on LinkedIn should be directly related to your industry, business topics, or other posts that carry a professional message. Visit http://www.advisor.ca/news/social-news/11-ways-to-use-linkedin-effectively-102265 to see 11 Ways to Use LinkedIn Effectively.

Take the time to create a profile and utilize one of the best sources for leads and business networking. Whether you’re in the process of job search or looking to grow your customer base LinkedIn is a wonderful tool. Use these quick tips and facts to use LinkedIn effectively.