Our Valentine’s Day Contest!

Win a $25.00 gift card to Chilis AND a $25.00 to the AMC movie theater!

In order to win, you must enter our Valentine’s Day Contest!
In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are looking for the BEST and most UNIQUE date!
Email us a picture of you and your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend and the answers to the following questions at catiew@wjins.com
    -What are your names?    
    -How long have you been together?
    -When was the date?
    -Where did you go?
    -What did you do?
(Keep in mind we are looking for AMAZING and UNIQUE dates!)
We will be taking email submissions from today until Jan 31. Then, we will post the submissions in a facebook photo album on Feb 1. Voting takes place on Facebook and ends on Feb 14. The person with the most “likes” wins!
NOTE: In order for your friends’ “likes” to count, they MUST FIRST like Westgate-Jones facebook page!